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Yoga Business in Vancouver: Can They Keep to Roots?

Nettwerk Music is big if you're small--it represents indie musicians who get good play in Canada--Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne. But now CEO Terry McBride is catching the yoga biz bug. According to the May 29 article in The Vancouver Sun. McBride says that, "yoga hasn't received the marketing it deserves."

Even with gyms jumping on mainstreamed yoga's promise of luxurious and exotic well-being, it still surprises me that a music CEO wants a slice of the pie.

"He wants to fill the need with YYoga, a business that incorporates restful tea lounges, infrared saunas, in-house yoga classes and other niceties he hopes will draw potential practitioners who might otherwise be frightened away by the prospect of trying to twist themselves up like pretzels."

As a long-time practitioner, it's hard to relate to this idea of the pretzel. But I know, I know, it's marketing...

"You should walk in and feel like you are in a spa," he said. "It should have people who work at the front desk, after class the teacher should sit and have tea for half an hour and the teacher should get paid for that. "You have to make it easy to practise yoga - have different classes for different studios."

He plans to expand to add more studios in Canada-and one in Seattle-- after another round of financing.

As reported in The Vancouver Sun.