midtown Manhattan

Do Yoga.... Naked!

Naked Yoga NYC

Naked Yoga NYC

Hot Nude Yoga has been a thing for the gay community for some time already. But efforts to cross-over into the hetero side haven't seen much result. Today I learned that Naked Yoga NYC: Asana Exposed has been offering a full schedule of classes since January 2008 at a secret location in midtown Manhattan. "Sensual shaman"

Isis Phoenix leads the way. "This liberating practice began in May 2007 and due to increased popularity has opened its own sacred sanctuary Phoenix Temple in midtown Manhattan, an urban celebration for the holy body and sensual spirit founded January 2008. "

Yes, these naked classes are co-ed. "We are reclaiming and celebrating our bodies," said Phoenix, who starts each class with a disrobing ceremony," as reported in the New York Post last summer.

"The first 10 minutes of class for anyone who is new, there's always a sense of trepidation," said Phoenix. "It dissolves very quickly."

You can take group classes or privates with any of the luscious ladies who staff Naked Yoga NYC. In group classes, choose from a menu of erotically-named sessions: "Sensual Candlelit Nude Yoga," "Bare Energy Yoga," "Naked Yoga Basics," "Basin of Power: Goddess Pelvis Ritual for Women" or "Chakra Intensive: Lovers' Workout.

"Not being a nudist myself, I have a hard time understanding how yoga gets better sans clothes.  Isn't it just....messier and more distracting? As the center acknowledges on their FAQ page, things do "come up."

"Erections come up and go down and are part of being a fully functional being and living in a body. No part of the body is ever shamed or discouraged. Part of this practice is about healing and removing shame and guilt from all areas of our body and accepting the beauty of the body in the totality of expression. Bodies are honored in all shapes, sizes and energetic flows." No touching, no late entry, no early departure. And no giggling.