Custom-made Yoga Mats

Also check out the more expensive (and slightly ridiculous) YogaMatic for custom made yoga mats. Featured yoga mat designer this week: Calvin Klein! No kidding.

Says Kevin Carrigan, Creative Director of Calvin Klein Performance, “My design for the Calvin Klein Performance yoga mat is inspired by Warrior 1, one of the most fundamental and beautiful yoga poses. We purposefully wanted the design to incorporate bold, graphic lines which create a fearless silhouette that embodies strength, balance, and courage.” I'm sure you did. Ah, the courage to purchase designer yoga mats.

Non-designer images present the possibility of practicing on the face of the Dali Lama (who is not a yogi, by the way) or on an image of oversized granola or on a field of donuts or on an anime still or on the word "yoga" imitating the Keith Haring sculpture "love."