Why *Not* to Call Yourself a Yoga Therapist

Leslie Kaminoff, New York-based yoga teacher, e-Sutra blog author, and director of The Breathing Project in Manhattan, explains why he has decided to stop calling himself a yoga therapist. His article in October's International Journal of Yoga Therapy meditates on the same topic. Instead, he will call himself a "yoga educator."

"This does not in any way mean that I intend to stop doing my job," says Kaminoff.

"In retrospect, I realize that from the moment I taught my first group âsana class until the present day, I’ve always had the same job. I’ve just been doing it more effectively by learning how to better tailor the teachings to individual needs. I used to unquestioningly assume that my education in anatomy, biomechanics, bodywork, physical rehabilitation, and philosophy granted me the right to call myself a therapist. But, in fact, it just turned me into a highly-educated Yoga teacher."

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