Om Trend: Wisdom Warriors

Joelle Hann Yoga Journal Article Desiree Rumbaugh.png

Wednesday at 1 p.m. is a hot time slot at Yoga Del Mar studio in La Jolla, California. The two-hour class features rocking music and regularly packs in 30-plus people.

But don’t try getting in if you’re under 50: Wisdom Warriors is a class exclusively for older yogis. Created by teacher Desirée Rumbaugh, 53, the class, which regularly includes advanced poses like Full Wheel and Peacock Pose, offers encouragement and support for yogis who want to maintain an advanced practice in their 50s and 60s.

“When you’re in a class with people your own age, there’s no excuse not to work hard,” she says. “It’s motivational.” Wisdom Warriors’ students say they enjoy the cama-raderie of their peers, as well as that little push to keep their practice lively. As one 60-year-old student remarked, “This is reig-niting my pilot light!”