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10 Can’t-Miss Snacks in Rio de Janeiro

And now for something completely light and fluffy…. !

Here’s my post for Fodor’s travel blog from July on the snacks you *must* try when you come to Rio.

I realize my posts are running from the sublime to the ridiculous, but such is the way of beauty and commerce…

Bar food, street food, snack food, beach food—Rio de Janeiro thrives on snacks. And so will you, if you can find your way around the hundreds of sometimes baffling options. Here is my top-ten list of can’t-miss bites from mouth-watering cheeseballs to popcorn with condensed milk.   Keep reading

Be a Part-Time Vegetarian

Can’t quite give up meat? Me neither.

But since my brother’s diagnosis with Stage IV brain cancer this summer, I’ve become a lot more interested in all things concerning health. Diet is a key. And, sadly, meat is a huge concern.

Yesterday, the Huffington Post came out with a great idea: be a part-time vegetarian.

That means, have a few days a week when you don’t eat any meat or dairy products. Eat less meat and dairy overall and you will decrease your chances of getting cancer. (This has been proven with massive research–I’m not talking nicey hippie ideas here, I’m talking NIH and Cornell-funded multi-year research studies).

You will also decrease the terrible impact that cattle and dairy farming–as well as other forms of meat & fish farming–are having on the planet.  Again, this is not some utopian vision of “I’m Ok, You’re OK.” Notice how warm it is today? Eighty degrees in mid-October?

To start, you could follow the Environmental Working Group’s campaign for Meatless Mondays.