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…and this just in: One More Book!

This just in! Got a note this morning from surfer yogi dude, Jaimal Yogis, that his new book will be out January 8th.

Yogis’s 2009 book Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea took a koan-ic approach to the chillest sport ever, as he searched for enlightenment on the waves.

In his new book, The Fear Project, Yogis hopes to answer this question (click to watch):

Jaimal Yogis Fear

Since I don’t have the book in my hands—but I can vouch for Yogis as a writer—I’m giving you the marketing copy below (you know, the stuff you’d read on Amazon or Library Journal).

Great gift for your the surfer yogi in your family?

This provocative, entertaining story follows Yogis as he navigated his own fears, from the monsters under his childhood bed to his personal quest to surf bigger and more difficult waves, culminating in northern California Mavericks—huge, crushing (and sometimes deadly) waves in the dead of winter. The Fear Project explores the complicated spectrum of why we feel afraid: fear of loss, fear of not being good enough, fear of being alone, fear of being trapped in the wrong job, fear of not being able to realize our dreams, fear of pain, and ultimately, fear of our own mortality.

Yogis embarks on a memorable journey as he seeks answers from neuroscientists, meditation teachers, psychologists, and elite athletes. As he learns how to identify and overcome his own fears, he shares the secret to unlocking a sense of renewed possibility and a more rewarding life.

The Fear Project is a captivating look at the age-old lesson that by recognizing our fears and embracing them—instead of running away—we can harness fear’s powerful energy to find true happiness and fulfillment.