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Round 2: Yoga on the Great Lawn pushed til 2011

Above: a few minutes of yoga on the Great Lawn before yogis fled for shelter

In June, nature and the NYC Park’s Department were more powerful than 13,000 people doing sun salutations on NYC’s Central Park: we got rained out. (More reason for mind training, folks! Were you really thinking about the sun??!?!? Or were you eyeing your cute neighbor? Or drooling over that tasty treat in your goodie bag?)

Flavorpill promised to try Y@GL again in September. But as of last week, they’ve moved Attempt #2 to 2011, promising not just a better experience then (lines fewer than 20 blocks long), but more tie-ins to charities, a national edition of these gi-normous “yoga experiences,” and a weekly health and wellness mailer.

It makes a lot more sense for an event that size to generate something more useful than an entry in the Guinness World Records. After all, most yogis want to make a difference.

In case you’ve forgotten—or couldn’t make it in June—you can watch Flavorpill’s videos and catch up. (They must have been shot from the helicopter that hovered over us making it impossible to hear.) And they really do provide a better view than we got from the lawn itself.

So even if you can’t do your downdogs in a throng of thousands, on a nubby lawn, with a new slippery mat (c/o Jet Blue) this September, you can still attend Flavorpill’s smaller yoga events (at places like MoMA) during the year. And of course, you’ll start getting the wellness mailer next month. Just think: there’s a whole year of them to warm you up for Y@GL 2011.

And if you’re among those who find the so-what factor fairly high, then you’ve got an entire month free of cheek-chewing. No more massive public gatherings in the name of yoga…. for at least September.