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Meditation & “True Love”: Musings for V-Day

I’m delighted to have a personal essay up today on the online magazine, “smart talk about love.” It’s a new venue for me—and a new genre. Soul baring!

Well, soul baring with a purpose. I use a story of my own heartache to talk about a powerful meditation practice. For me, this is also a writerly experiment: the personal essay is a form I’ve long admired.

Also, I’ve been trying to reveal more of myself in my teaching as a way to engage students and avoid setting myself up as an untouchable authority. After all, I am very human.

Your Tango is a relationship-focused magazine, so while you’re there you can also read why bad relationships are a waste of time, or watch a video of Valentine’s Day cards we wished existed.

My piece is How Meditation Lead Me to True Love, on the home page, and in it I tell you how, for me, meditation and love are related.

Let me know what you think!

Had any similar experiences?

Big Success in Albany! But pressure still on

This just in! From Yoga for New York action committee:

“Success! Terrific Success! The vote in the NYS Senate Higher Education Committee was a unanimous “YES” in support of S5701A – protecting yoga teacher training from burdensome and unnecessary government regulation and licensing.

Now what? More Committees to get through (remember in school learning about how a bill becomes a law – were are in it!!)  — yup democracy requires a lot of work – we will keep you posted, of course, as working collaboratively on this is how we protect yoga!

What must we do now to keep the heat on?

* Please Call Senator Carl Kruger, the Chair of the NYS Senate Finance Committee, the next Committee the bill is before @  (518) 455-2460

* You will be connected to a representative of Senator Kruger who will take your message for the Senator. Here’s the message script:

“My name is  _________________ I am calling Senator Kruger because he is the Chair of the Finance Committee. I urge his support for S.5701A which will protect yoga teacher training from burdensome government regulations, unfunded expenses on local government and ensure that yoga studios stay in business. Thank you”

What else do we need?

Very important: funding and donations to make sure the hard work in the State’s capital continues.  Want to know how to donate or ideas for raising funds? Email