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Yoga in SF Juvenile Hall

Youth Radio sends a reporter to Juvenile Hall in San Francisco and finds teenagers, including one named “the Baddest,” benefiting from yoga classes.

“The Baddest: “Most likely when you go to rec, someone is going to come at you, someone said this, someone said this.”

Unlike rec, where brawls can erupt, the Baddest says yoga class provides an oasis of calm within chaotic juvenile hall.”

“Rachel Getting Married” to a Yoga Beat

One of the most remarkable things about Jonathan Demme’s film, “Rachel Getting Married,” is the deliberate, multi-ethnic array of people who comprise the wedding party and family friends. The soundtrack not only reflects this UN-style gathering, but co-mingles and cross-pollinates world sounds as many types of musicians group for spontaneous jams over the wedding weekend.

Sony Pictures Classics(image: Sony Pictures Classics)

We’re left to guess that Sidney, the groom, a musician, experiments with world sounds, and so his like-minded friends can’t help but jam and experiment during their Connecticut weekend with the happy couple. But it wasn’t completely clear why the bride and her maids decided to dress in saris.

One song on the soundtrack is titled “New York Style Yoga” (it’s actually a track from Black Bombay, and—guilty as charged—I’ve used it in my own yoga classes) and it fits right into this scene.

It’s as if we’ll all know what this joyful mix means, and need no further explanation. We’ll know that every marrying couple wants world musicians to make our party pump; that every bride wants yards of gold-bordered silk to frame her quasi-Indian lifestyle (a Hindi-Connecticutian?), that yoga is so known, so done, and so much a part of our lives that we don’t even have to explain that most of the women at the wedding, and some of the men, (probably; we assume) practice yoga. (That might explain the saris.)

Don’t you do yoga? Doesn’t everyone we know? Here comes the bride, and Om Namah Shivaya.

Warrior/Maverick Pose

Yoga teacher and model, Tara Stiles, designs a Palin-specific routine for facing off terrorists, viewing Russia, hunting wolves, and handling the stressful campaigning weeks ahead.

“Be the best maverick you can be with the warrior poses.”

As published in the Huffington Post

Ways to Bend It

The New York Times reports on some semi-recent trends in yoga classes—Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and something called Core Fusion Sport. A little behind the times, but if it’s in the Times, you know the trend is now at last truly visible.
Aerial Yoga in Wburg