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Who in $$ Does Yoga?

This Huffington Post article tells us who is doing yoga in corporate America, which is interesting. Newcomers include William H. Gross, the Chief Investment Officer of Pimco, Edwin Catmull, the head of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, new anchor Katie Couric.

Still, even if their main concern is the goal and not the process, powerful people tend to seek powerful ways to keep their assets–their brains and minds–in peak condition. It’s not so much of a stretch that they, too, would appreciate yoga’s revitalizing tonic. We’ve been hearing about celebrities doing yoga since day 1 of the current yoga craze (late 90s). Now it’s time to hear more from the other power brokers.

Read the article here.  

In India: Practicing Yoga, Ears Open

The writer, Kyle Jarrard, and his wife travel to a yoga ashram in Pondicherry, India, to study with Ajit who has taught yoga with extensively, passionately, in France and India for many years. The article profiles the town (and its French-named streets), its inhabitants, the ashram, and the writer’s own journey.

As published in the NYTimes

Why *Not* to Call Yourself a Yoga Therapist

Leslie Kaminoff, New York-based yoga teacher, e-Sutra blog author, and director of The Breathing Project in Manhattan, explains why he has decided to stop calling himself a yoga therapist. His article in October’s International Journal of Yoga Therapy meditates on the same topic. Instead, he will call himself a “yoga educator.”

“This does not in any way mean that I intend to stop doing my job,” says Kaminoff.

“In retrospect, I realize that from the moment I taught my first group âsana class until the present day, I’ve always had the same job. I’ve just been doing it more effectively by learning how to better tailor the teachings to individual needs. I used to unquestioningly assume that my education in anatomy, biomechanics, bodywork, physical rehabilitation, and philosophy granted me the right to call myself a therapist. But, in fact, it just turned me into a highly-educated Yoga teacher.”

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A 90-yr old man from Mumbai moves to Chicago

… and continues to do stunning yoga moves to the amazement of the media, and awe of his children. Read about this medication-free Indian grandpa in the Chicago Tribune.

“If someone asks me, ‘How old are you?’ I always say, ‘I am 18 years!’ “ 

Some Sweet Why-I-Do-Yoga stories

Published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, these stories are refreshingly spin free. Sweet.

“I moved to Minneapolis last August from Los Angeles with my husband and kids. I was very attached to my girlfriends, and I just got really homesick and was very depressed. My next-door neighbor said, “Hey, try that yoga place down the block.” “

The 311 on Yoga in LA

The LA Times reports that yoga is necessary in order to stay sane in LA. Er, I thought that applied everywhere…

But since we’re on the topic, check out Joni’s super cool map of where she’s practiced yoga in LA. She’s a trooper yogini with a cool blog, The Accidental Yogist. Check it out.

Mary Dunn dies

Highly respected, foundational, inspirational yoga teacher Mary Dunn, died of cancer at age 66 in her daughter’s house in Westchester, NY.

Read the obits:


Yoga Journal 

Ann Arbor News 

 Mary Dunn’s blog. This inspiring blog follows Mary’s thoughts during the course of her illness, up to a few days before her death