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Traders Breathe Deep in Tough Times

The Wall Street Journal reports that traders are working off market stress with sun salutations–either in workplace classes or after hours.”

The yoga industry, shrugging off its brown-rice-eating-and-sandal-wearing image, is adapting to and courting its new, wealthy customers. Yoga retreats in places like Malibu — which offer grueling regimens of several hours of yoga a day — have become popular destinations for the finance crowd.”

I don’t know one yoga teacher who hasn’t made this adaptation, or at least wanted to. 

“Catharina Hedberg owns a yoga retreat called The Ashram in the Southern California hills near Malibu and says she has seen an increase in finance types attending over the past five years. Now, about a quarter of her customers, who pay $4,250 for a one-week stay, are financiers. The retreat offers a hard-core program of 6 a.m. yoga sessions with an alcohol-free, caffeine-free vegetarian diet that she says is popular with the Wall Street crowd. “Every week you see someone from hedge funds,” says Ms. Hedberg.”

 Business people are no different from the rest of of us stressed out urban rats. Why does it surprise anyone that traders need to cool of with some twisting and inverting? They do tend to like the more athletic practices like ashtanga… and they can’t quite bring themselves to chant OM… and they have trouble with the whole process aspect of the practice… but other than that…”

Teachers say one key principle poses an implicit challenge to Wall Streeters: Value the process of hard work rather than the rewards it brings.” 

Read it here.  

All’s Fair in Yoga and Business

Gawker reports that the Wall Street Journal is quoting its own–an editor who owns Triyoga, a branch of a UK-based yoga franchise–touting the benefits of yoga–at Triyoga. Circular logic benefits all… because we’re all one, right?

Paean to Beach Yoga

Every time I’ve practiced yoga outdoors, the elements have gotten in the way: the sand shifts and hurts my wrists, the bugs prickle my skin, the sound of the ocean drowns out the instructor’s voice. But on Long Island, a small and growing gathering of yogis is making it work. Read about it:

On the Beach, Yoga Poses Really Flow, NYTimes (Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey edition)    

And speaking of yoga for causes…

How about a yoga Blissfest to support a kids with HIV/AIDS summer camp?

Vancouver instructor Eoinn Finn, who enjoys legendary status locally, started Blissfest 6 years ago. In 2008, over 1,300 people signed up for the event and raised $150,000.

The event which originally started at a small venue at Kits Beach now takes place at the Thunderbird Stadium, includes live music, an eco-fashion show, yoga, and kids activities.”Kids come from all over Canada because there is no other camp for kids who are affected in this way, especially one that is focused on recreation, says Hiebert, adding the kids have all their expenses paid.

“The mandate is to give kids a great fun summer camp experience,” he says. “It’s like, ‘hey, you’ve got all these health issues … you get a week off. Take a vacation from your worries.’ “

Strike a Pose for a Worthy Cause, Vancouver Sun 


Off the Mat… with The Huffington Post

Off the Mat – Into the World is a program run by Sean Corne, Hala Khouri, and Suzane Sterling,  that “aims to inspire and guide you to find and define your purpose and become active in your local or global community in an effective, sustainable and joyful way.”

Suzane Sterling, Hala Khouri, Sean Corne

Recently, Huffington Post columnist Verena Von Pfetten was dispatched to participate in one of OTM’s 2-day workshops, this one held at the Omega Institute. Von Pfetten writes, “And so, while I began the trip thinking I was entirely out of my element and cringing at the thought of sharing my “wounds” to 30 other beautiful people, I ended it feeling like, at the very least, I was a part of something. So, when a fellow retreat-er crawled up to my mat after the three-hour ass kicking and quietly said to me, “You did really well there,” I did almost (almost!) cry, but I thanked her.”

Hardened journalists beware! Yoga is more than ready for you. 

Pure Yoga Hits Town and Everyone Says, “Wow!”

Here’s a round-up of comments so far about Pure Yoga in NYC:

July 30, Fashion Week Daily on “the scene” at Pure Yoga
July 30, 
Yoga Journal blog, Valerie Reiss

July 7, New York Sun 

June 15, New York Magazine (in the shopping section, ahem)

Dec 30, 2007, New York Magazine

From blogs:A range of responses like the not so critical Om La La on June 18th, “I dont think you can do drop in classes, its membership only, but something to check out when it finally opens!  Plus if the yoga is good, $140 for unlimited yoga is pretty good!”… to Om Yoga trained teacher, Lauren Cahn,’s worry on June 13, “On another note, Pure Yoga hired two non ashtanga people to run their ashtanga program. I think this decision was made before Christopher was available. Pure made a very bad decision. I have been in touch with the people at Pure. They claim their selection of teachers is temporary and if ashtanga does not do well at Pure, they may change teachers…”…to the refreshingly blunt, Valerie Reiss writing on the Yoga Journal blog Samadhi & The City, back in January. Titled, “Pure Yoga? or Pure Insanity?” her entry reads, “The quote Equinox gave New York is incredibly telling: “we will continue to expand and pursue an aggressive yoga strategy.” I will be curious to see more responses as this giant moves in.