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Nude Yoga in the Movies

A Four Letter Word opened Friday, March 28 in Manhattan to a surprised endorsement from the NYTimes film blogger Jeannette Catsoulis.

She writes that this romantic comedy “explores gay relationships with low-budget verve” and has “good-natured raunchiness–a nude yoga class is particularly diverting–that’s explicit but never sleazy.”

Nude yoga class on film, hmmm. Easier than checking it out in person.

Directed by Casper Andreas.

Evidence that not only white people do yoga

Black Voices, an online magazine sponsored by AOL, just published a blog post for its readership on the benefits of yoga.

While the entry itself is basic, basic, basic (as befits the venue), and “yoga photos” posted beneath the entry are downright confusing (*what* are they referring to?), it’s nice to think that yoga might not continue to be dominated by white women.

Why is that, exactly?