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US Trademarks Yoga Poses?

A blogger comments

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Kate Moss yoga sculptures for sale

The Kate Moss yoga sculptures–you know, the bronze statues of über model in contorted yoga poses. They make yoga look flamboyantly sexual and they’re currently at the Mary Boone gallery in NYC and are due to be auctioned off soon.Kate Moss

Yoga, Inc documentary

Yoga, Inc a documentary by John Phillip, aired on ET in the first week of May and was featured at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto this year. It seems to ask all the questions that Yoga Nation finds most fascinating and relevant:

“Will Master and Disciple go their separate ways? How long before the Yoga Olympics are a reality? Does yoga need a code of ethics (the Karma Police)? And can yoga’s fundamental goal of spiritual enlightenment survive our fervor for a quick buck and a firm butt? In a search for answers Yoga, Inc. provides a colorful snapshot of Spiritualism and Capitalism colliding head on.”

Duncan Wong: Yoga and Martial Arts Master

I took some classes with him at Jivamukti years ago. He was tough and kind of great. Interesting to read about his new studio and new life in Shanghai, China.

LOST IN TRANSLATION: Yoga culture, mass culture

Find the full article and read–this is the source of the book…

Douglas Todd, April 14, 2007

"Does Courtney Love Yoga More than Surgery?"

I just love this headline from, a celebrity gossip site.


I’m always happy to see them doing yoga. Especially in the news.

The Decatur Daily reports on growing trend in Georgia.

Carmen Diaz! In Yoga Pants! Says People Mag!

Nothing like a celebrity to heat up yoga offerings. Thanks to People Mag’s research you, too, can own these hot slacks.

Watch the Amazing Dharma Mittra

One of the masters does effortless backbends. Captured on YouTube. Fun to watch.

Yoga Wars: Chicago

Time Out Chicago pits two popular yoga teachers in a zen-off and picks the winner. The Chicago Tribune then contemplates the fairness and yoga-ness of this move.

Time Out: Most zen yoga teacher

Gabriel Halpern vs. Lourdes Paredes
Halpern, founder of Yoga Circle The closest our city has to its own master, Halpern is considered a legend by folks in the know. Many Chicago instructors train with him at some point in their teaching career.Paredes, teacher She built a massive Chicago following with traditional yoga, and continues to inspire students with new classes—like trance dance—at studios across town (Yogaview, exhale, Namaskar and Healing Power Yoga).

The winner Paredes. Halpern’s experience and talent are undeniably awesome, but we love how Paredes connects with everyday students through her blog (, giving solid gear and apparel recs, plus positive (not flaky) affirmations.

Chicago Tribune Blog Takes a Bite… and WOW! All the comments!

“Comparing the two is hardly fair. Halpern, a Chicago institution, founded the Yoga Circle in 1985–when Paredes was just 16–and has trained many local instructors. He has seen yoga’s popularity ebb, flow and boom, and is one reason Chicago has such a rich yoga scene.

Paredes, who once thought she would join a convent, is a contemporary teacher who blends spirituality with challenging vinyasa yoga. You can’t help but feel uplifted and refreshed after walking out of her Shiva Rea-inspired classes, which often end with reflections on topics like focus or self-forgiveness, or poetry from the spiritual master, Rumi.”