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Thai Yoga to be Protected

According to The Nation magazine, “Thailand will propose that 200 year-old inscriptions and statues that teach traditional Thai yoga at Wat Pra Chetupon Wimolmangalaram be included in the Unesco Memory of the World (MOW) Programme in 2009.”

Thailand is trying to do what India tried to do, too late–save its cultural heritage from profitable pirating from other cultures. Still, it didn’t work in India because it was extremely difficult to patent the poses. Who owns the poses?

Even yogis who like to sue can only patent sequences, not poses themselves. At least in America.

Israelis get Yoga on the Bus?

To ease tension and stress while taking public transit, some Israelis get yoga instruction on board.

Yoga Adapts to American Culture

Sigh. It’s unstoppable.

“J. Crew and Puma now offer yoga accessories and Nike has a yoga shoe called the Kembali. There is yoga perfume and jewelry by the truckload online, and now, there is even yoga skydiving. America has effectively Big Mac-ed yoga, only, unlike the Maharaja Mac, American yoga offers enlightenment instead of high blood pressure.”

From UC Davis campus paper.

Demi Moore and Yoga

this is really bad celebrity gawking, pure fluff

Yoga Good for the Heart–Cardiologists

A thoughtful and informed piece on the practical health benefits of yoga. Nice to hear from Black Star News.

Yoga Helps Fertility

Fertility Yoga in Wichita

“Welch says the program de-stresses your mind and relaxes the body, specifically the reproductive organs. She says the techniques she teaches also help couples deal with the anxiety of infertility and the disappointment it can bring.”

All you had to do was ask…

Yoga is a trend, announces¬† Well, ahem, duh. (Interesting info on how the¬†experts define “trend” though.)¬†

Stock Brokers Talk Value

We all know that traders do yoga too–in the very small slivers of time they have away from their desks. Here’s evidence, with interesting chatter about investments.

Proof that yoga is profitable, right here folks.

Be Quiet! UK Yogis Disturb the Neighbours

London’s most popular yoga center, TriYoga, disturbs the neighbours with its chanting and drumming. Chief offenders are the lunch time Mommy and Baby classes, and the Prenatal classes. Wooo noisy mamas!!,,2004267,00.html#article_continue

From the Guardian:
“The complaints focus on a mother and baby yoga session in which the women sing nursery rhymes while stretching their babies’ limbs in yoga-inspired movements, and a pregnancy class in which music by George Harrison, Bob Marley and Aretha Franklin is played. Camden council has issued an enforcement notice which could result in a fine.”

Iraq Vets Outreach includes Yoga

…but not enough, says BlogHer ( Yoga is a great way to work with PTSD, but the Veteran’s Administration isn’t wholeheartedly behind it yet. Only two classes in the country are specifically designed for returning vets.

In Boston:

In Santa Cruz: