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Iyengar, on Pranayama, 2006

Iyengar demonstrates a very long inhale and a very long exhale in front of a Western audience.

Sri Pattabhi Jois Speaks on Yoga

“Yoga is Universal”

“Internal exercise not external exercise”

“You means your self-knowledge”

Yoga Zombies

Amazing. I can’t paraphrase. Read this from the NYTimes City Room blog, “Taking the Yoga ‘Corpse’ Pose Literally” by Jennifer 8. Lee:

“Have you ever wished you could do downward dog with a decomposing body? Well, City Room hasn’t (doing the crow with an intact body is still an insurmountable challenge), but this combination apparently has been a niche fantasy with some population of New Yorkers.

Yoga Zombies on set Photo: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times(Photo: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times)

About 75 people showed up in Williamsburg’s East River State Park for an (online) open casting call for the filming of a yoga zombie video on Sunday. “The zombie blogs were only mildly interested in it, it was the yoga blogs,” said Jason Wishnow, the director of the video.

“The R.S.V.P. responses from the yoga blogs were like: ‘I love yoga and I love zombie movies. I’ve been waiting for this!’ It was the chocolate and the peanut butter thing for all these people.

”While the crew had a make-up artist on set, many of the yoga practitioners showed up in their zombie get-ups, ready to go. Mr. Wishnow was impressed by his extras, saying: “Everyone took zombiedom very seriously. There was a lot of groaning and discomfort of their decomposing bodies as they would attempt yoga maneuvers.”

Gawker catches yogis in the buff

It’s true–some yogis–mostly men– like to practice in their birthday suits. The studio in New York (Hot Nude Yoga) has been open for 7 years, making this niche hardly a new one. But still, who knew?

Gawker’s take might be more along the lines of what you’re *really* thinking (like, naked? wtf?)

The New Hotness is…

Global Mala

Yoga studios internationally will celebrate the UN’s day of World Peace (and the autumnal equinox) on or around Sept 21 with events like trance dance, 108 sun salutations, and a commitment to go vegan–at least for a few days. Global Mala

Boys do Yoga

No date given.

Inappropriate Yoga Guy issue

I’m thrilled to see my article in the NYTimes Thursday Styles section today! Read it here.

“THE words “Do you come here often?” are not sweet nothings when you are going into final relaxation during a yoga class. Nor do most yoga practitioners welcome someone who flirts shamelessly as mats are positioned during the lull before the teacher arrives.

Now, a popular online video starring a lech named Ogden has the yoga community chuckling in recognition and talking about the problem of men who come to studios in search of phone numbers rather than enlightenment.

The comedy sketch, aptly named “Inappropriate Yoga Guy,” has racked up nearly 1.8 million views since its debut on YouTube in June… keep reading.

Gawker likes IYG

Gawker liked the IYG article in the NYTimes. Their line, “(seriously, watch it and see if you don’t spit out your coffee when he does that Ujjayi breath)” made me laugh out loud again. Yep, they got it.

See their post here

Iyengar, 1938 film clip, #1

Silent, from a newsreel. Source unknown. But very cool to watch Iyengar as a young man. More to come.

Sting Does Yoga in Toronto

It must suck to have reporters watching you while you practice.

Read the National Post’s blow-by-blow blog-style article about Sting’s yoga performance.