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Fear of Yoga

Robert Love, faculty at Columbia’s school of journalism, and former editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone, writes at length about the history of yoga as it’s appeared in the American press since 1909. After an exhaustive and entertaining review of personalities, movements, and attitudes, Love concludes that yoga is a marketer’s dream, a flourishing and trend-proof recreation (vocation?) that can sell anything and everything.

Read more in “Fear of Yoga” at the Columbia Journalism Review web site.

Taking Our Pulse

Hanna Rosin, former Style writer for the Washington Post and a current contributing editor for The Atlantic, takes the pulse of yoga in America in her December 2006 article “Strike a Pose.” According to Rosin, the good old days of hard-core yoga–like that practiced by Jivamukti teachers and practitioners–have been superceded by the more mainstream yoga like Power Yoga taught by Baron Baptiste, a pragmatic blend of gym workout and church pep talk.

The article is not available online, but you can read a related interview with Rosin on The Atlantic‘s site here.

V.S.Naipaul on Yoga

…in Naipaul’s novel Magic Seeds the character speaks of yoga as a practice of reconciling oneself to circumstances, pleasant or not. For him, a displaced Southeast Asian in African and Europe, yoga is not a physical practice, but a mental one.

Anyone know page numbers?

Sweet Irreverence from McSweeneys

The Primary Series
of Poses in Yoga
for Depressives.


– – – –

1. Up yours/downward spiral
2. Dead cat/fat cow
3. Sorrier one
4. Sorrier two
5. Unloved child’s pose
6. Shrug of futility
7. Goddam farting vegan
8. Crap squat
9. Awkward pause
10. Applying for COBRA
11. The collapsing bridge
12. The pointless Kegels
13. Too fat for that pose
14. Forward flop
15. 12 hours of corpse pose
16. Namaste, or whatever

– – – –